1. Install TeamPress plugin: https://exthemes.net/docs/all/teampress/installation/
2. Install sample data from this doc:  https://exthemes.net/docs/all/teampress/install-sample-data/
3. Access to demo page:  https://exthemes.net/teampress/ > Choose layout you want to use > Copy shortcode from bottom of each demo > Add it into your page and see result
Example if you want to use this layout: https://exthemes.net/teampress/style-4/
Then please Copy this shortcode ( from demo page): [ex_tpgrid style="4" column="3" count="23" posts_per_page="3" fullcontent_in="collapse" search_box="show" alphab_filter="yes"]
4. Add it into your content of page and see result

If you want to move your license from the dev/local to the live/new site, you just need follow this guide

Step 1: Go to Team > Settings > Plugin License > Click to “Deactivate license from this site ?”

Step 2: Go to the new site and activate your license

If you see the error message then please  click to “Deactivate license from this site ?” from the new site and try again

If you still can not activate your license on the new site then please give us a message via this support link

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